Matthew sadly passed away in the early hours of New Years Day 2015. He will be so sorely missed by his family, partner Rachel and friends both near and far.

Tributes have been flooding in from across the world showing us how dearly loved he was by everyone he met. One thing that keeps being mentioned is his infectious smile which could cheer anyone up. Aside from being a talented musician he was so so funny. The stories we have shared over the past few days have had us in stitches.

Matt played an important part in Failsafe and also released a solo record in 2012 which was limited to a few hundred CDs and a small online release. This is now available through iTunes and all other major online distributors.


If anyone has any further questions or enquiries about the record please feel free to email

The first two Failsafe records are available on iTunes and the this has now been joined by the third album ‘Routines’ which saw it’s first true worldwide release in June after being recorded back in 2012.

I will be uploading photographs and videos so that everyone can remember his life which he lived to the full. If anyone would like to send any images in then please direct them to

Rest in Peace Matthew, you were truly loved by so many people and we miss you so so much.

Lots of love

Your brother Martin x