This is the first post on the blog. I’ll add things from time to time like music, videos and stories relating to Matt. As you can imagine he was into all sorts of music and had connections to lots of bands through his time in Failsafe and also as a solo artist so I’ll post some of his favourite songs and any related info.

Thought I’d start with this one….

Matt and the Failsafe lads were all into a German band called Beatsteaks. I wasn’t totally aware of them in 2009 when I joined the band on part of a European tour. It was the first time I’d seen the band play a cover version of any type – it might have even been the first time that had ever happened.

We were in Den Helder in north Holland and they played “As I Please” by Beatsteaks and it sounded awesome. I took some photos at the gig which I’ve attached below but unfortunately I didn’t get any video.

Failsafe later went on to support the Beatsteaks a couple of years later at Koko in Camden. I think they probably dropped the cover for that set :) Here’s a gig review from that night… http://www.bringthenoiseuk.com/201105/music/live/beatsteaks-koko-london-19052011

Here’s a few photos of the Den Helder gig when they played the cover and a link to the Beatsteaks track.


Den Helder Gig Photos from 2009

3543061493_05495f7c29_o  3543068305_3ce9e0687e_o  3543063623_01a2c1bee2_o



A band photo from that tour outside Koln Cathedral



The Beatsteaks – Live version of “As I Please”


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