Seamus McLoughlin’s Tribute

Read by Seamus at Chorley FC Social Club on 16/01/15

For anyone who doesn’t know me, my name is Seamus McLoughlin and Matthew was my dear friend. I’ve been asked by Matthew’s family to say just a few words and I consider that a great honour.

When we talk of the loss of loved ones, remember,
We are mere vessels,
We are less important than the things we carry inside us
We are the conductors of a force so strong,
taking in the currents of life from our moment of birth,
and it runs through us for the rest of our days,

It creates every moment and moulds us into who we are.
The line of the story and the soft hums of humour and love.
In our last moment it will come through us
and be thrown to the wind..

We go everywhere when we die.
Newton said energy is neither created nor destroyed,
only changed from one form to another.

In my own quiet moments i hear Matthew singing,
i hear his music and like the wind… He had such a great energy…

Matt played in one of the best bands I’ve seen, Failsafe, he was one of the most gifted singers and song writers I’d ever known. Music was everything to him. I guess that’s why we got on. Above all i am so proud to call him my friend. One of my best friends. But he chose me too, and that makes me doubly proud. It’s not often you can be listening to one of your favourite singers in the car, loving every note, and then 5 minutes later argue with him in a bar over who has the best shamrock on a pint of guinness! Yep we argued but I really treasure our little tiffs. But he always won. Sometimes.

But while we all attempt to consume our great loss
we must ask ourselves this..

Why was he with us ?
Why did he enter our lives and make the huge impact that he did ?
To make music for us?
To make us laugh?
To bore us with talk of meatballs or his beloved Arsenal ?
Well I think he was with us so that we had someone to measure all that is good in a man.
Not perfect… but good. Nobody’s perfect

He was driven completely by loyalty and love and a clear sight to do good and give good back.

It was the very core nature of him, his ability to light up an entire room with his smile, to reassure you when worried. The dexterity of those big hands, to play guitar, to make a table from nothing, to welcome in a stranger, to gently hold little Erin in his arms and reflect her smile, to place a hand upon the shoulder of a friend, to hold close the ones he loved and THE one he loved the most, Rachel.

A few days ago Martin Snr mentioned to me and Failsafe that he wanted to hold Matthews funeral at St Joseph’s because he was christened there. But despite him not being a practising Christian he was raised by Martin and Linda with strong christian values. I whole heartedly agree with that, he was a very hard working lad and he led a good life with fine clear morals and code. He was a rare one….raised brilliantly. We are all so proud of what Matthew achieved in his life, and he achieved these things because of the love and support of his Mum and Dad, his amazing brother Martin and his love, Rachel.

We are in no doubt this is the darkest of winters, but in time these cold winds will ease to give way to the first buds of Spring, and so let the Summer be Matthews legacy. That we should try our best, be creative, be assertive, care for one another, stranger or brother. Ignore the trivial things, money, cars, cheap talk, and instead give way to love and forgiveness. If you love someone, tell them that. If you’re tired and weary, make change. life is so short. But be kind, always be kind.

We are going to miss Matthew.., but he will will be alive in all of us forever. Right now he fills our hearts, he is in mine right now, and i know you can feel him in yours too. Matthew, along with his wonderful music will live on in all of us, for the rest of our lives.. and for that, along with his beautiful smile, we will always be rich in our hearts… And I am so thankful for that, I am thankful and I am grateful that I knew, that I sang with, that I was friends with…
Matthew James Cogley

Id like to end by reading you a short poem by EDGAR ALBERT GUEST..

-To an Old Friend-

“When we have lived our little lives and wandered all their byways through,
When we’ve seen all that we shall see and finished all that we must do,
When we shall take one backward look off yonder where our journey ends,
I pray that you shall be as glad as I shall be that we were friends.
Time was we started out to find the treasures and the joys of life;
We sought them in the land of gold through many days of bitter strife.
When we were young we yearned for fame; in search of joy we went afar,
Only to learn how very cold and distant all the strangers are.
When we have met all we shall meet and know what destiny has planned,
I shall rejoice in that last hour that I have known your friendly hand;
I shall go singing down the way off yonder as my sun descends
As one who’s had a happy life, made glorious by the best of friends.”