The LaFontaines

It’s been a while since the last post but thought I’d pick up where the last one kind of finished in a way.

To say Matt’s taste in music was diverse wouldn’t be doing it justice… it was all over the place – in a good way! We’d been into all sorts of music from high school age and whereas some other people got quite snobbish about what was ‘cool’ and more to the point what was ‘not cool’ to like I don’t think this effected us much at all. If it’s a tune, then it’s a tune! If you like it, that’s cool and if you don’t then that’s cool too. Each to their own.

You wouldn’t think Glassjaw and Gary Barlow could sit side by side on anyones digital music player of choice but I can tell you a place where they did, and it was Matt’s!

Matt loved a good pop song just as much as he liked to see guitarists screaming into their pickups whilst knee sliding across the stage of The Astoria (see upcoming post for more of that).

I remember Matt introducing me to a band called The LaFontaines a few years ago whilst he was touring with Twin and we stood watching them together at an Academy 3 gig one night – Matt’s face was beaming, he was loving it. I recall some pretty rowdy knitwear on show that night from the The LaFontaines boys so I assume it was sometime near Christmas but it could well have been the height of summer – who knows.

Anyway, The LaFontaines seemed to share a similar band ethic to that of Failsafe. Made up at being given an opportunity to get out there on the road and get their stuff heard – and having a great time doing it too. Serious musicians though who weren’t shy of a practice session or two; as tight a band as they come.

A band belting out Scottish Rock / Rap isn’t exactly commonplace but whatever the hell they did that night they were winning.

“We first met Matt when we were out supporting Twin Atlantic which was really the first tour we’d ever been on. I can remember pulling up to the first venue in Aberdeen and Matty was the first person to come up and say hello to us all and make us all feel welcome. Going on our first tour like that was fairly daunting as we were all pretty young and just starting out. He helped us a lot on that full tour and continued to be a genuinely good guy long after.” – Findlay (The LaFontaines).

So here are a couple of tracks if you haven’t heard them before…

All She Knows



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