Twin Atlantic

Aside from Matt’s time in Failsafe and playing his solo material he was also a pretty accomplished guitar tech and crew member for quite a few bands over the years but there was no firmer bond than that he had with the lads in Twin Atlantic.



Van times (Sam McTrusty, Matt, Andy Dunlop)



Matt had played some gigs with Twin early on in their career when they and Failsafe were treking round the UK in their vans. Not long after this Matt became part of the crew for Twin on tours in the UK and shows around Europe. One of the big trips Matt made with the band was to the SXSW festival in Texas. They shared a lot of time and memories together.



Matt, Ross McNae, Stew Chown, Paulshie



Craig from the band took some awesome photos over the years which you can see here.

They were great friends and met up regularly especially when in and around Manchester. They even stayed at my mum and dads house when on one trip round the UK which all seems pretty bizarre now!

Last week Twin played an amazing gig at The Albert Halls in Manchester. They welcomed our family and friends in with open arms.



Ross McNae, Sam McTrusty, Martin Cogley, Barry McKenna, John Logue, Linda Cogley, Andy Sprake, Rob Catlow, Martin Cogley, Alex Walsh


They dedicated a song to Matt onstage, a song that has come to mean a lot since everything has happened. To say it was an emotional one to hear would be a pretty massive understatement. I know the band all felt the same way too.

Safe to say we won’t listen to this song ever again in the same way we did when it came out last year….



Twin Atlantic & crew are a great group of lads that are really down to earth even if they did play a sell out gig to 10,000+ people in Glasgow at the end of their most recent tour!



Twin Atlantic @ The Hydra, Glasgow 09/05/15


They won’t be a new name to many nowadays but if you haven’t heard much of their stuff before you may as well start at the beginning with Vivarium and work forwards from there!


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